Russian venture forum

We kindly invite you to take part in the Russian venture forum – a Central event for the Russian venture industry, its aim to bring together the leaders of the best Russian technological companies and investors! International platform for discussions, exchange of professional experience, a "club of like-minded people" united by a desire to contribute to the development of future technologies, "entry point" into the industry of direct investment and venture capital.

The organizers are the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) and the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Who and why shall participate in the Forum?

  • Entrepreneurs: to get an expert evaluation of the project, receive training, get advice on the preparation of the presentation of the business to a potential investor, to start negotiations with investors and possibly attract investment;
  • Investors: to get information on companies in various industries and stages of development, to meet entrepreneurs, discuss issues of fundraising and organizational-legal forms of funds in the Russian jurisdiction, get acquainted with the best practices, identify the main trends of venture business;
  • Development Institutes: to discuss the main trends and prospects of development of the market of direct investments and venture capital, evaluate the effectiveness of existing mechanisms and identify new mechanisms and tools to facilitate the development of venture business.

Business program

The business program of the Forum is the most suitable and constructive platform for intensive and extensive discussion platform to discuss key aspects of private equity and venture capital professional community in Russia and abroad. Every year the Forum hosts up to 20 specialized events with primary purpose is to provide constructive dialogue between all participants of innovative process.

Participation in discussions allows you to get acquainted with the practical experience of attraction of direct and venture capital, find new partners and clients, lay the foundation for future business development, identify prospective investment industries of high-tech sector, to rethink the business development strategy and to build strong and lasting relationships.

A feature of the Forum is its’ "club" character which is required to create effective business communications between the main participants of the investment process.


Forum Expo is the platform for innovative companies interested in raising capital to expand and grow their business.

The exposition of the Forum is:

  • The competition for owners and managers of companies enabling the evaluation of your business by professionals;
  • The opportunity to receive specialized training and advice on the preparation of the presentation of the business to a potential investor;
  • The ability to present your business and attract the attention of a wide range of investors;
  • Place for management and business owners to make contacts and establish business connections with possible partners;
  • The prospect to obtain the necessary skills to create a successful business and to attract investments for further development.

Companies, which participate in the exhibition, have received a positive expert evaluation from venture business professionals in terms of the prospects in attracting private capital and compliance with the formal requirements of venture capital and direct investor. It does not matter in what region of Russia the company operates, and where it builds its’ business.

Additional information may be provided to you by tel.: 8 (432) 570-39-27
e-mail: (Department of Innovative Activity Development)

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