Innovation Projects

Development of tools for laparoscopic endoplasty of alimentary canal

Development and R&D assimilation of polymer-polyol nanocompositions extraction for the production of foamed polyurethanes of new generation

Development of magnetic system with field induction 0.20 Tl to be applied in specialized traumatology magnetic-resonance tomograph

Intensified carbamide foam plastic and technology for their production

Thermal method for wrecking of reinforced concrete structures

Non-metal armature construction-purposed on hybrid binding with high thermal-resistance

Unified software environment with graphic interface for the analysis, recognition and formalized journaling of digital X-ray diagrams

Nano-filled composite polymeric foam materials with regulated complex of properties

Control system of parameters for motor vehicles exploitation

Method for extraction of low molecular weight olefins

Enhancement of construction for pipe furnaces

High-dispersion modified bitumen emulsions widely used in construction works on emulsifiers out of chemical wastes in the Republic of Tatarstan

Automated multi-channel system for measurement and management of technological process in the fields of electro-chemical dimensional processing of large-scale details in pulsing operating mediums by means of software and hardware LabVIEW

System for automated design of super-critical extracting technology

Procurement of reliable, comfortable and economic heat supply in autumn and spring heating seasons

Chrome-saving technologies for extraction of fur semi-finished product by means of non-isocionate urethanes and plasma processing

Fireproof decorative paint OZD-1V

Dry cement mixtures with application of the complex for multi-functional local mineral components and chemical additives in the Republic of Tatarstan for high-quality finishing

Decomposition of high-stable emulsions

Modification of textile materials out of woolen and synthetic fibers by means of high-frequency plasma of low pressure

Regulation of properties of natural high molecular fiber materials by means of non-equilibrium low-temperature plasma in processes of tannery and fur production

Utilization perspectives of oil sludge in road building

Equipment to produce new compositional polymeric materials with application as a raw for  secondary material resources in productions and as an example of items made out of extracted resin-fiber composites


Development of automated machine to produce containers out of PET semi-products with output capacity 3000 bot/hr, its launch for production line with further realization


Development and industrial production of non-toxic cryoprotector for medicine and biotechnological field

Rotor-piston compressor

Coercive spectrometer

Seeds processing by electro magnetic field

Design and creation of ultra-light helicopter with co-axial rotors KAI-82-002 “Lark” in pilot-controlled and pilotless variants

Technologies development for diagnosing and monitoring of power energy circuits with complex topology, based on intellectual modem

Development and application of “Celoform” (powder-like substance made out of cotton cellulose) in medical practice

Development and production of high-efficiency pre-launch engine heater, which works according to the principle of pulsing fuel combustion, designed for lorries, tractors and buses

Development and industrial implementation of micro-wave equipment for regeneration of silica gel in technological process of natural gas drying


New core and high-tension molding sand, and work-hardening films for quality increase of castings


Development of hardware and software complex for the control of frequency properties of power winding

Technology for power processing of solid domestic waste (SDW) under high-temperature regimes with complex system of wastes preparation and flue gas purification

Development of new production technology of biogas out of wastes from agriculture and food industry

Unified software environment for the analysis and formalized journaling of digital mammograms

Production of integrated hardener based on galvanic sludge

New environmentally safe method for the extraction of  epoxidated stabilizers of halo-butyl-rubbers made of domestic raw materials

Modifier production “PFM” for roofing and hydraulic insulating materials based on marketable and secondary used bitumen

Extraction of motor fuels on the basis of renewable sources of raw materials

Extraction of high-quality motor fuels on the basis of gasoline fractions of thermal processes

Additive of multi-functional purpose for rubber-technical products

New high-efficiency regulators for hardening of construction mixtures

Technique for characterization of oil composition and properties, based on the analysis of micro-second diapason of spin-spin relaxation (NMR)

Production of environmentally safe organic fertilizer out of chicken manure

Production of energy-saving glass units

Production organization of equipment for deep thermo-chemical processing of low-quality wood

Technology implementation of one-stage oxidation of sulphur hydrogen by oxygen in fluidized layer of granulated catalyser, with extraction of high molecular sulphur and equipment for its realization

Implementation of new formation technology for development of management staff for enterprises in the Republic of Tatarstan

Organization of production line in the Republic of Tatarstan of micro-processor complexes AMK-1, designed for handling of boiler installation and cogeneration system

Innovation academic complex “Molecular and cellular medicine”

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