Investment Projects

Construction of the plant on seeds production using output capacities of OJSC “Buinsky elevator” (OJSC “Buinsky elevator”)

Creation of medical laser center for the treatment of vessel pathology of skin (LLC "Clinic for esthetic medicine and laser technologies”)

Plant on processing of wood residues (LLC  "Sabinsky polydrev")

Foundry production, manufacture of pipe isolation valves (State Unitary Enterprise UE-148/2);     

Production expansion of disposable tableware (LLC "IPO")

Organization of production line of kids cross cars “Mini-baggy” (LLC "Haleks-Motosport")         

Organization of production line of medicaments (OJSC "Tatkhimpharmpreparaty")           

Production of block transformer mini-substations 2BTMS (CJSC "Tatarstan  electro-technical company")

Reconstruction, modernization, new construction and technical re-equipment of heat economy in Bavlinsky region of the Republic of Tatarstan (CJSC "Tatgazenergo")  

Creation of the complex for processing of plastic and polyethylene wastes into granulate for the further application as a raw material in production and sales (LLC "Potok-K")

Creation of transportation-logistics terminal on premises of OJSC ‘KIP “Master” (OJSC "KIP "Master")

Financing of industrial Park “Khimgrad” (LLC "Khimgrad")

Production organization of spindle bracket and tie-rod balancer for OJSC “KAMAZ” (OJSC "Aktanyshsky Aggregate Plant")

Construction of oil-extraction plant (OJSC "Nefis Cosmetics")

Construction of integrated complex for production of ammonia, methanol and granulated carbamide in Mendeleevsk (OJSC "Ammonia")               

Reconstruction of grinding-mill for wheat of high-grade milling

Reconstruction of feed factory (OJSC "Naberezhno-Chelninsky Grain Production")         

Construction on the basis of Zainsky sugar factory pulp drier complex (OJSC "Zainsky sugar") 

Production Setup of Molded Fabric

Production Setup of Modern Elevator Systems

Production Setup of Cast Brake Cheek for ОАО "KAMAZ"

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