European investors on the Russian Venture Forum and Tech Tour: «Russian technologies are filled with life and continue to move forward»

7 June 2017, Wednesday

International participants of the IV Russian TechTour and the Russian Venture Forum shared their impressions of the past events.

The organizers and participants noted that the IV TechTour became a sign of renewed interest in the Russian venture market by foreign investors. As foreign guests noted, this format is the fastest way to establish links with local players. Communications were very active, investors were able to immerse themselves in the Russian ecosystem, communicate with a wide variety of market participants - from business angel associations to investors and innovative companies themselves.

“I am very excited about the openness that you see and experience in Russia in terms of startup culture, in terms of investing in startups and investing in funds that themselves invest in startups has increased tremendously. So the whole notion of the ecosystem opening up to innovation has developed very strongly which is incredibly encouraging." said Jorg Sievert, owner of the Cleverle venture company in Germany.

"Tech Tour Russia 2017 was a refreshing and positive insight in the very active Russian startup ecosystem. The enthusiasm of the companies presenting, their eagerness to engage with domestic and foreign partners is a sign that Russia Tech is still very much alive and kicking", said Jean-Marie Deluermoz, Eastern European enterprises specialists from Liechtensteinische Landesbank).

More than 300 innovative companies from Russia applied for participation in IV Russian TechTour. As a result, 25 companies were selected.

Companies such as Energolesprom, Danaflex, Mirrico Group, PersonMed, POLYCODE, R-Visioneer and others presented their projects in front of representatives of venture funds, technological corporations and business angels from Europe and the USA. Presentations were held in Moscow and at the Russian Venture Forum in Innopolis. Companies as ABBYY, Acronis, iiko, Ivideon, Parallels and Yandex were involved in previous Russian TechTours,

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