‘Introduction to Venture Business’ seminar holds in Kazan

15 March 2013, Friday
Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan within the activities of the 8th Kazan Venture Fair holds ‘Introduction to Venture Business’ seminar at Trade and Industry Board of the Republic of Tatarstan for applicants who proceeded to the second elimination round. Trade and Industry Board of the Republic of Tatarstan is Kazan Venture Fair’s partner.

The important constituent part of Kazan Venture Fair is a display of innovative venture projects and businesses. To increase business and project presentation effectiveness, IVF TR and Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) organize seminars for participating companies.

Seminars are comprised of summarizing lectures and basics guidance on how to present direct investment and venture capital market infrastructure in Russia and to discuss prioritized investment fields of Russia and foreign countries. Seminars are expected to help participants arrange presentation materials, as well as develop and master communication skills.

About 40 innovative companies participated in the program. The most urgent issues of venture business were discussed during the seminars. It has been informed by the program leaders, comprised mainly of project and company executives, the audience were highly competent and demonstrated deep interest towards discussed issues.

At the present time companies are arranging materials to submit to the fair’s catalog. On March 27-28th the representatives of Russian Venture Capital Association will hold tutorials in IT-Park in Kazan and the participants will proceed to the second elimination round of the fair.
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