Acceleration program Silicon Valley BootCamp - From Tatarstan to global market from Pulsar and RT IVF introduced the startups exposition at GTS-2018 in California.

25 October 2018, Thursday

Russian startups took part in Global Technology Symposium (GTS), the international conference for venture investors, as part of the acceleration program of the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan (the Fund) and Pulsar Venture Capital (Pulsar VC). The conference was held in the Silicon Valley (Menlo Park, California, USA).

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov attended the exposition of Tatarstan technology startups. He personally welcomed the teams and shared his own expert assessment with the participants.

The Global Technology Symposium, GTS is an international conference on venture investment and entrepreneurship, which has been summoning venture investment leaders for over a decade to discuss investment issues in IT projects and search for relevant ideas.

The participants of the GTS-2018 were teams that successfully completed the initial rounds of funding for the IVF RT program in the nomination Start-1, Start-2 and the acceleration program Pulsar VC.

Try.Fit – is a program, which determines the best suitable shoes by analyzing digital simulations of geometric and physical collisions between three-dimensional models of the buyer's foot and the finished shoes. Using the mobile application, the buyer scans the feet and shoes, while the service analyzes the data and helps to select the most suitable model and brand.

Mouse – is a platform for viewers and performers of live music. The platform solves two problems at the same time: it evaluates possible places, where the fans want to see their artists, and gives the fans opportunity to follow the work of their idols. Last year, Mouse entered the list of the competition finalists.

Switch Sales - is a retail purchase management system, which is a technological platform for creating customer identification systems by any bank card, including cash purchases, with the goal of providing personalized purchasing conditions, collecting statistics, implementing promotional marketing activities and increasing a customer loyalty.

Yorso is a multilingual SaaS base for the b2b fish and seafood wholesale market. The system helps suppliers and customers to meet directly without a lot of intermediaries and to automate marketing, sales, purchases and logistics. The system increases the profitability of clients' business by 5-15% and reduces operating expenses by up to 30%. It is assumed, that the system will reduce the chain of resellers in supplies process and thereby reduce the final cost of production.

BeTrip – is a service for navigation and creation of personal routes for travelers.

The exhibition of startups is organized with the assistance of the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.

We remind that annually the winners of the programs initiated by the Fund in the nomination Start-1, Start-2 and Start-3 have the opportunity to apply for the international Acceleration program. Thus, this year, one of the stages of the acceleration program was a visit to Dublin, for the second stage the teams went to in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Intensive business program for technology startups is aimed at European and global markets. According to the results of the visit to Ireland, the total amount of investments made by European investors to companies participating in Acceleration made about 1 million euro.

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