The European Commission announced The Pan-European Venture Capital Fund(s)-of-Funds programme

21 November 2016, Monday

The Pan-European Venture Capital Fund(s)-of-Funds programme (VC FoF programme) aims to further address Europe’s equity gap, the fragmentation of the VC market and to attract additional private funding from institutional investors into the EU venture capital asset class.

The Programme is sponsored by the European Union (EU) and forms part of the Investment Plan for Europe, the Capital Markets Union Action Plan, Digital Single Market strategy, the Single Market Strategy and Open Innovation strand of Horizon 2020.

Under the Pan-European VC FoF programme EIF is looking to invest, using resources of the Horizon 2020 InnovFin Equity facility, EFSI Equity Instrument, COSME Equity Facility for Growth and EIF’s own resources, in private-sector led, market-driven Pan-European VC Fund(s)-of-funds (the Fund(s)-of-Funds).

Under the Pan-European VC FoF programme, EIF targets investments in qualifying Fund(s)-of-Funds for the aggregate target amount of EUR 300 million. Additional funding may be available depending on the interest in the Programme.

Full details are available here.


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